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We’d love to hear from you

We strive to stay connected to our industry and constantly look for new and creative ideas.  If you have something to share, we want to hear about it.  Contact us at

Interested in becoming a distributor?

Our job is to connect surfacing slab buyers and sellers.  If you are interested in listing great deals with us to offer them to slab fabricators, we would like to hear from you and evaluate all opportunities.  Please note that our requirements include:

  • All distributors must be established, with at least three years in operations and local, state, and federal insurance requirements.
  • All of our distributors must adhere to local, state, and federal employment practices.
  • Distributors must provide us with an accurate material inventory count to be listed.
  • Distributors must have a clean record with BBB and over 4.5 ratings in Google.
  • Distributors will have to designate a person to support e-slabs on all orders within less than a business day.
  • Distributors are willing to accept and obey price gauging policies.
  • Distributors may not be third party agents of any other distribution source, but rather stock, inventory, and fulfill all orders directly.
  • E-slabs will not secure more than one distributor in one city or market.

Ready to make money on slow-moving or excess inventory? Please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.