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Frequently Asked Questions

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E-slabs is an agent for mid-size surfacing distributors, sort of like an Uber Eats for slabs.  We pride ourselves in connecting buyers and sellers in the surfacing industry across North America.  We work with distributors looking to move inventory at great prices, and buyers looking at good deals.

Once you’ve browsed through our inventory selection and have found items you may be interested in, simply create a profile and begin filling out your shopping cart.

You will be able to see the location of your material selections as you are going through our portal and shopping by type of material or color.  This will give you an idea of where the product is shipping from so you can calculate estimate the freight charges.  Once you place your purchase order, the corresponding distributor will receive it and provide you with a freight quote within one business day.  You will then have to approve your order and that is when the payment is due and charges will take place.

Your purchase orders can be canceled, but once you approve your order with the total amount, inclusive of freight, orders will no longer be able to get canceled.  We understand you know that arranging logistics takes commitment and time and once we commit the order to a distributor and freight forwarder, we will not be able to cancel any shipments.

We carefully evaluate all of our distributors and ask them to list materials according to the best specifications available to them so we can offer them to you.  We respectfully ask that you understand that the material offered on this portal may be first, second, or third quality as well as discontinued.  For that reason, we try our best to ensure that information is available to you before your purchase.

If you are not satisfied with your material upon delivery, will send you a claim form and will work with our distributor on the claims to process a refund to you minus freight and a 10% restocking fee.  E-slabs cannot guarantee we will be able to provide full, partial or no refund at all, but we will help you remedy the situation as best as possible.

Our distributors will provide all details related to your orders and pictures when possible, and guarantee that they will not ship any broken, cracked, or faded material.

As part of your purchase order approval process, you will be provided with a freight quote inclusive of transportation insurance, which can be used in the event of any damages to the product during transit.

If the material you receive has any of these issues, the distributor will be responsible for replacing or refunding the material back to you.

Your orders will be paid for through and billed through directly by the shipping distributor.  E-slabs works as an agent for many distributors and will not be billing you for any product, service or any material.